Steve Jobs and True Heroes

Steve Jobs and True Heroes

We live in a time when the Kardashians and Hollywood entertainers capture our attention and large amounts of capital for their entertainment.  I remember my history class on the decline of the Roman Empire and Caesar learned quickly if he was to keep peace with the masses, he must give them food and circus.  In present day, this is proven in Egypt where the Arab Spring really started when then the International Monetary Fund told the Egyptian President Mubarak that he must stop subsidizing bread and pay off his loans to the International Monetary Fund.  He did stop subsidies of bread, which contributed to the start of the Arab Spring.  Adding religion and democracy was only the thin icing on the cake.  Mubarak went to prison.

In the United States today we must direct our attention to changes in agriculture, science and economics in order for our children to have a meaningful life.  Scientists must be our heroes as 75 years ago Einstein, Marie Curie and Enrico Fermi captured our imagination.  Today, unknown scientists are taken for granted and live modest lives compared to our entertainers who give us only circus.

Renew Biomass in bringing cost affordable, high quality, all natural, non-GMO and domestically grown agricultural fiber lowers the cost and improves the quality of a product desperately needed by humans and companion animals alike.  Just like Steve Jobs changed your life forever with computer and I-phone products, Renew Biomass is presenting a high quality fiber at a modest price.  Controlling weight gain, minimizing diarrhea and constipation and improving digestive health are critical to improving the American way of life for animals and people.  Not to mention the possible income to thousands of Mid-south farmers which would increase by not importing a single pound of dietary fiber.

I challenge all who read this to study products like Renew’s M-Fiber and what it can do for your companion animals and some day for you too.


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